Wedding presents 🎁 that offer countless blessings

Aged cement religious statues

Providing garden decor and religious statues for the next generation to cherish near Baton Rouge 

About Me

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My name is Regina and I am the founder and creator of Regina Annes. 

Let's create a sanctuary by adding a garden statue to your landscape or interior decor. 

My aged statuaries are a beauty to behold,  your family will cherish for generations to come. 

garden statues

Garden Studio

Each cement garden statues is personally hand painted by myself with the utmost attention to detail. No two are ever alike. You will be purchasing a genuine ReginaAnnes collection.

gardening with statues

Inspirational Moments in Time

A splendid afternoon strolling around the grounds via golf cart  with KK perusing the lovely lush landscaping at HH for “the perfect location” for my lovely Grecian goddess statuary.— at Houmas House and Gardens


Hire me to paint your statue

I am a catholic artist available for commission jobs

My Blog

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The people we surround ourselves with either raise or lower our standards. They either help us to become the best version of ourselves or encourage us to become lesser versions of ourselves. We become like our friends. No man becomes great on his own. No woman becomes great on her own. The people around them help to make them great.

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